Hebrew Letter Names
The spoken sound of every Hebrew letter is also a word. The spelling of the word depicts the inner mystery of the letter. Meditation upon the "letter name" expands consciousness. Looking at the sequence of tarot major keys related to the letters helps the mind to move toward greater understanding.
Hebrew Letter Tarot Key Number
Aleph 0 - The Fool
Beth 1 - The Magician
Gimel 2 - The High Priestess
Daleth 3. The Empress
Heh 4. The Emperor
Vav 5. Heirophant
Zain 6. The Lovers
Cheth 7. The Chariot
Teth 8. Strength
Yod 9. The Hermit
Kaph 10. Wheel of Fortune
Lamed 11. Justice
Mem 12. Hanged Man
Nun 13. Death
Samech 14. Temperance
Ayin 15. The Devil
Peh 16. The Tower
Tzaddi 17. The Star
Qoph 18. The Moon
Resh 19. The Sun
Shin 20. Judgement
Tav 21. The World
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