Resh - The Head, Face 510
Resh - Head, face, gold, Sun, regeneration, collecting intelligence, fruitfulness and sterility
Yod - Open hand, earthy, Virgo, response, intelligence of Will, touch, coition
Shin - Tooth, fang, fire, Pluto, revelation, perpetual intelligence, fire

Resh means "head, chief, first". The letter looks like a standing person with outstretched arms and the hand lifted up with the palms forward, a posture used in magic for projecting energy. Note that most verbs starting with the letter "r" involve powerful expulsion of energy: rush, run, rage, revel, rant, ravage. Like our sun, Resh involves sufficient concentration of energy until it ignites and radiates in all directions.

"I project the pure will of the One and destroy outworn forms to make way for the new."
"The radiance of the divine in holy coition generates the divine child who stills the waters."

The head of Posideon
The head of J.S. Bach