Shin - Tooth, Fang 360, 1010
Shin - Tooth, fang, fire, Pluto, revelation, perpetual intelligence, fire
Yod - Open hand, earthy, Virgo, response, intelligence of Will, touch, coition
Nun - Fish, watery, Scorpio, Transformation, imaginative intelligence, motion

Shin means "tooth, fang". With our teeth, we bite through food and chew it - tear it apart - so we then are able to digest it. Paul Case correlates Shin with the planet Pluto, a destructive force related to the phoenix who burns and is reborn from its ashes.

"Burning away the dross, I discover the inner Will which transforms forms to ever better express itself."
"I am consumed in the fire of the divine touch. I die and am reborn transformed."

A human tooth
A prehistoric beast with amazing fangs