Yod - The Open Hand 20
Yod - Open hand, earthy, Virgo, response, intelligence of Will, touch, coition
Vav - Nail, tent peg, hook, earthy, Taurus, intuition, triumphant and eternal intelligence, hearing
Daleth - Door, Copper, Venus, creative imagination, luminous intelligence, wisdom and folly

Yod is the root of all Hebrew letters. Each letter contains the form of yod in its structure. Yod attached as a suffix to another word means "mine". As a prefix, it indicates the third person qal imperfect - indicating continuing action in the past or future. Thus yod as a prefix means "He was, is and will be DOING something". It implies Action. The word, Yod (yod-vav-daleth) has the same meaning as the Hebrew word Yad (yod-daleth) - hand, specifically the open hand. The open hand offers and gives. It indicates friendship and trust. The gesture of shaking hands likely originated as a way of showing that one is not holding a weapon and thus demonstrating no wish to harm. Yod also refers to the candle flame - a symbol of the divine within, and to the phallis - symbol of the divine masculine creative force.

"In touch with the One Will, I hear the small still inner voice and am lead to create wonders."
"I touch and create"
"Through properly attending to the process of digestion, I discover the secrets of true creativity."
"The hand of God is upon my head and I am led to the open door."

The Open Hand Candle flame
The Shiva lingam, The combined lingam and yoni
A phallic tower