Qoph - Back of the Head 186,
Qoph - Back of Head, watery, Pisces, organisation, corporeal intelligence, sleep
Vav - Nail, tent peg, hook, earthy, Taurus, intuition, triumphant and eternal intelligence, hearing
Peh (final) - Mouth, tongue as an organ of speech,

Qoph literealy means "eye of a needle", with secondary meanings of "monkey, ape" - refering to our physical body and associated animal nature. Paul Case relates qoph to the "back of the head", where the visual centers are located as well as the cerebellum and medula which are active in maintaining bodily homeostasis, even while we are asleep. It is while we are asleep that the transformation of our bodies from animal into spiritual being takes place. Aspiring Qabalists take heed: Get enough sleep each night. It's spiritually important. Paul Case said that after several years of spiritual work, he no longer lost consciousness when he slept but rather was able to consciously function out of the body at that time.

"Sleep connects us with processes of deep transformation."
"The body has its own intelligence and, when we become aware on that level, we can speak the truth of this awareness."

Back of the head
Brain structures
Eye of a needle Orangutang - our nearest "relative"