Peh - The Mouth, Tongue 85
Peh - Mouth, tongue as an organ of speech, iron, Mars, awakening, exciting intelligence, grace and sin
Heh - Window, fiery, Aries, reason, constituting intelligence, sight

The letter-name Peh means "face, blow". Paul Case correlates peh with the tongue as an organ of speech. Peh is the Mars force. Active in Aries (Heh), it is the force of will that travels from the brain (head-aires) through the nerves to the muscles. This is the mechanism through which we carry our will into action. Mars is also the ruler of Scorpio - the reproductive organs. Aries is the "day throne" of Mars. Scorpio is the "night throne" of Mars.

The Mars force incites us, even drives us to action. It breaks down old forms.

"Filled with fire, I speak words of truth that bring in light through the window of reason."
"I allow the old to be destroyed, in light of the vision of truth."

Albert Einstein's famous tongue "Blow" Whale spouting
There are some amazing tongues around