Daleth - The Door 434
Daleth - Door, Copper, Venus, creative imagination, luminous intelligence, wisdom and folly
Lamed - Ox goad, airy, libra, equilibration, work, action, karma, faithful intelligence, balance
Tav - Mark, signature, lead, Saturn, Cosmic consciousness, administrative intelligence, dominion and slavery

"Image what you desire, believe it can be, go to work, and bring it into physical reality."
"Imagination provokes action toward realization of that desire."
"Desires are promises from the One can become reality through balanced activity."
"The process of seeking to fulfill desires provokes awakening to the true nature of reality."

A door allows us to go into and out of a house. In the ancient Israeli houses, doors were a luxury. Most people just hung a rug over the opening. The few doors that existed were mounted onto a pole that was attached to the side of the door and extended down into the ground where it sat upon a flat rock. It was not easy to push or pull such a door open or closed! Tent doors were just flaps that were tied open or closed as desired.
Daleth is the fertile delta, the door into life. Here she is portrayed in natural stone. Mother Earth is amazing. Daleth is the door of the womb through which we pass into life. The Empress is pregnant!