Samech - Prop 120
Samech - Prop, fiery, Saggitarius, verification, intelligence of probation or trial, vibration, wrath
Mem - Water, water, Neptune, reversal, stable intelligence, substance
Kaph (final)- Closed hand grasping, tin, Jupiter, rotation, rewarding intelligence of those who seek, wealth and poverty

Samech means "support, uphold, sustain, establish, or stand fast". Samech refers to the sure support of the Holy Guardian Angel, the inner Self, our guide upon the path of return. Our Angel supports and sustains us the whole way. When we consciously invite this guidance and follow it, our progress upon the path of return greatly accellerates.

"When we have the firm support of the stilled waters of consciousness, we shall understand and come into harmony with the universal cycles."

A climber depends upon support from above. These water tanks are supported from below
A car jack is a good modern example of a device which supports.