Aleph - The Ox 111
Aleph - The Ox, the Life Breath, Air, Uranus, Superconsciousness, Scintillating Intelligence, Ruach, Spirit
Lamed - Ox goad, airy, libra, equilibration, work, action, karma, faithful intelligence, balance
Peh - Mouth, tongue as an organ of speech, iron, Mars (the force that generates new life and destroys old forms), awakening, exciting intelligence, grace and sin

So here we have our name of God, EL, followed by Peh. Thus in one way, it means something like "God speaks". Reminds me of the Biblical passage of creation, "And God (the Elohim) said..." God speaks the world into being.

"The One Life prods itself into the work of generating new forms and dissolving outworn forms."

Remember to stretch your consciousness by gathering the sequence of all the letters into a "word" and "thinking" this word. What occurs goes far beyond thought. This is the purpose of this exercise - to stimulate you to consciously function in "worlds" beyond thought.

Ox Yoke
Ox with Yoke Oxen with Double Yoke

At the time of the creation of the tarot, the ox was the work-power of civilization. The ox carried the burden of preparing the ground for planting, and of the transportation of people and goods. The cow also provided milk. Domestication of the ox made civilization possible. The word "yoke" has the same root as yoga. It means "to unite". The yoke unites the ox to the plow, making work possible. Yoga unites the personal consciousness with the universal consciousness, making "hoopy-doop" and other forms of samadi experience possible.