Gimel - The Camel
Gimel - Camel, Silver, Moon, Sub-consciousness, uniting intelligence, peace and strife
Mem - Water, water, Neptune, reversal, stable intelligence, substance
Lamed - Ox goad, airy, libra, equilibration, work, action, karma, faithful intelligence, balance

The word Gimel means "Camel". Gimel, the High Priestess, is associated with the "third eye" whose function is said to give us the ability ot perceive anything anywhere as if it is here now. Thus, through this function of the subconscious mind, we can be released from the bonds of "distance". The occult "water" begins as ice on the mountains of The Fool. It begins to flow from the lap of the High Priestess. Mem, the second letter of our word, means "Water". When we perceive objects reflected in water, they appear upside-down, reversed. Lamed is the ox-goad the pokes the ox (aleph) into action.

"Looking upon the still waters of the subconscious, we have an interior perception of truth that is the opposite of how things appear. This leads us to making correct judgements and acting wisely - in a balanced way."

In ancient times, camels were the "ships of the desert". They store water in their humps. Thus they can go long without drinking. Their big feet can walk well on sand. Favorite camel saying: "Trust Allah, but tie your camel." Camels were used to transporting goods over long distances. Thus symbolically, they represent the ability to connect widely separated places, people and things.