Ayin - The Eye 130,
Ayin - Eye, earthy, capricorn, bondage, renewing intelligence, mirth
Yod - Open hand, earthy, Virgo, response, intelligence of Will, touch, coition
Nun (final) - Fish, watery, Scorpio, Transformation, imaginative intelligence, motion

The letter name, Ayin, means "eye, fountain". The ancient form of the letter was a circle - O. The circle has the same shape as an eye or a pool of water. The modern form of the letter looks interestingly like two eyes the the optic chasm that connects them in the brain - the right eye being more dominant as it is in most persons.
Ayin represents the "eyes of God" and also the superficial appearance of how things look to the unawakened consciousness. In Psalm 34, we read, "The eyes of the LORD (ayini YHVH) are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.

"Seeing the dance of life and laughing at the outer appearance of it all, I touch unto the inner truth of continual transfomation."
"Through seeing through appearances, we behold the One Will at work, ever renewing the forms of its expression."