The Use of Gemstones and Woods in the Healing Process

Throughout history, primitive cultures have employed gemstones and woods for healing. Dr. Frost’s careful scientific study of gemstones and woods has revealed healing energies and principles that healers have long used intuitively without understanding. During the last decade, there has been lots of attention given to the healing properties of gemstones. At last there is a dependable method of testing which gemstone or wood will help with specific problems or goals.

In clinical work with medical patients in Basel, Switzerland, Dr. Frost has discovered that the correct gemstone or wood alone can reduce pain, prevent allergic reactions, improve coordination, and even measurably increase muscle strength. Research and experimentation indicate that this is more than a placebo effect. Selected gemstones and woods, through their meridian balancing effect, seem to promote brain hemisphere integration, free the healing powers, and support the healing process.

During a balancing session, the therapist will determine the various steps needed to achieve optimal health and functioning. Some of these steps can and will be performed with the client during the session. Other necessary steps (such as changing habits of posture, movement and diet, negative emotions, mental expectations, meditation, working conditions and relationships) require that the patient make basic changes in her daily habits.

These life-style changes must be performed on an ongoing basis. It takes time to change habits. Typically, we only change habits when something better is in view. Even then, when we are stressed or otherwise not in energetic balance (when switched for example), we tend to only repeat past behavior. We need to be in balance to clearly conceive of and correctly create new conditions, internal or external.

When a client has received detailed instructions as to how to make needed changes in her life in order to create the conditions for optimal health or to achieve other goals, she will only likely follow these instructions when she is in a energy-balanced state. However, an energy balance is only temporary. After a kinesiology session, the client’s meridian system should be in balance and his thinking clear and positive. But the next stress may put her again out of balance and cloud her ability to think and be positive. In this imbalanced state, she will be less motivated and less able to actually make the needed changes that were tested and recommended to her.

One of the most important abilities of a therapist is to successfully motivate the client and help her to be capable of making the changes necessary to achieve her goals. Here is the forte of healing substances such as gemstones and woods. Gemstones and woods tend to keep the meridian channels open (keep us in energy balance) and thus lessen the negative effects of stress. This can be an important assistance to the person who is attempting to make changes in her habitual life-style. With the meridian energies free-flowing, we remain clear-thinking, positive and optimistic. And we remain capable of making new choices and decisions; the prerequisite for making changes that further our way to health or other chosen goals. Carrying the personally tested gemstones or wood can make the difference between a pleasant therapy session and one that really solves problems and helps goals to be reached on an ongoing basis.

Various Uses of Gemstones and Woods in Healing

• To "buffer" meridian energies, giving great stability during
stress of all kinds
• To balance the meridians (unblock, promote flow)
• To increase the powers of healing (resistance and recuperation)
by freeing the circulation of life-energy (Chi)
• To stabilize mental states (remain positive and motivated toward achieving chosen goals, anti-depressive)
• To reduce or eliminate pain of all sorts
• To provide a stable, constant natural energy to the human who has diverged from natural health
• To provide an excellent vehicle for the placebo phenomena
• To consistently balance each specific meridians

Dr. Robert Frost began cutting gemstones and making jewellry when he was 14 years old. He has been fascinated by gemstones all of his life. At the University of California at Santa Cruz, he received degrees in psychology, biology and physics. Then he went to London for a three year diploma program in Alexander Technique (posture and movement training) with Patrick Macdonald. He practiced Alexander Technique in a medical clinic in Basel, Switzerland for 8 years. During this time, he noticed that his patients had the same recurring tensions and pains each week. Reasoning that the cause was psychological stress, he returned to London for a 250 hour intensive training to become a Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (effective short-term phychological techniques) with Bandler, Dilts et al. Then, in 1987, he traveled to Pasadena, California to take his training to teach Touch for Health, the first kinesiology course most modern kinesiologists receive. He continues to school himself in further kinesiology techniques each year. In 1991 he completed his doctorate (City University, Los Angeles) based upon his research of the effect of gemstones upon the human neurological functioning. Since then he has found that it is possible to do even more (in the area of healing and personal development) with various types of woods than with gemstones.

He remains fascinated with the ability to use kinesiology techniques to determine, from a wide variety of treatment modalities, the priority steps his clients require to achieve their goals including optimal health. His business name, Optimal Performance, characterizes what he strives to achieve with his clients. In 1996 he produced a CD of his own musical compositions entitled "Love Your Woman Tenderly". In 1997 he joined the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK). In 1998 his training book of the basic principles and techniques of Applied Kinesiology, "Grundlagen der Applied Kinesiology" was published (in German). In 2000 he completed his second CD, "Songs of Goddess". His Applied Kinesiology book was published in English in 2001. He currently lives in both California and in Germany. He continues to teach alternate healing techniques to both professionals and laypersons. He can be available to teach his courses in your area. Send him an email to discuss the possibilities.
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