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Book: Applied Kinesiology – A Training Manual and Reference Book of Basic Principles and Practices

Price – $30 plus postage. (To most countries, 4-6 day delivery for $11, 4-6 week for $6. Priority postage in USA - $5)

Postage varies depending upon to where and how the item is shipped (sea post, air mail, package post, etc.) Contact me for specific postage rates to your country and then enter the rate for the mailing type you choose here.
CD: Love Your Woman Tenderly

Price – $15

CD: Songs of Goddess

Price – $15

Healing with Wood – Training Manual and Set of 38 Woods

Price – $150

Healing with Gemstones – Training Manual and Set of 22 Gems

Price – $100 (Currently out of stock. Inquire by email if interested.)

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