The Colors Used on This Site

Color RGB Hex
Red 220, 0, 0 dc0000
Red-Orange 225, 100, 0 ff6400
Orange 255, 165, 0 255, 165, 0
Yellow-Orange 255, 204, 0 ffcc00
Yellow 255, 255, 0 ffff00
Yellow-Green 87, 218, 0 57db00
Green 0, 150, 0 009600
Blue-Green 0, 128, 128 007272
Blue 0, 0, 200 0000d2
Blue-Violet 90, 0, 200 5a00c8
Violet 119, 0, 180 7700b4
Red-Violet 210, 0, 146 d20092
Light Yellow 255, 255, 125
Saturn Blue-Violet 90, 60, 180

How did I choose these colors?

Pure red 255, 0, 0 was too garish. The red color generating phosphor used on television screens and monitors was created by Marcel Vogel. Without this discovery, we wouldn't have red for color TV and computor monitors. This red phosphor tends to be too bright and to "jump out" of the screen. For this reason, I muted it a bit from 255 to 220.

Yellow 255, 255, 0 is as pure and bright as can be.

Pure green 0, 255, 0 doesn't look green at all. 0, 150, 0 looks green.

Blue-green took lots of fuss. The final shade was generated by Angela Mohrle.

Pure Blue 0, 0, 255 was also too bright so I reduced it to 0, 0, 200.

The colors used here are pure mixes. Thus red-orange is a mix on only red and yellow with no blue added. The one exception is the Saturn Blue-Violet which has not only blue and red but also green. Here I am following the teachings of Paul Foster Case who says that when seers view the Saturn energy, that it consists of a mixture of blue and violet but has shades or flashes of green as well.

I made colors, uploaded them to the internet, and viewed them on both Macintosh and Windows computers. The two platforms rendered many of the colors very differently. The blue and blue-violet shades I liked best on my Mac looked identical on Windows. Back to the drawing board. So, I had to push blue-violet more towards blue and violet more towards red. After long trials, I generated the colors above which look good and render (separate) well on both platforms.

However, if you choose to print such graphics, the colors you get will depend upon your printer. To achieve pure accurate colors in printing is quite an art that will require lots of trial and error (and adjusting of your RGB or CMYK values) to get them right.

For the purests, many of the graphics on this site are also available in outline form. With these graphics, you can choose and fill in your preferred colors as you please, with computer or by hand on printed copies.

The whole question of computer graphics for occult meditation is rather new. Enthusiasts and critics both abound - with good arguments on each side.

Angela Möhrle noted that when colors are observed on a computer screen and the eyes are subsequently closed, accurate opposite after images of the complementary colors appear - just as occurs with natural colors. Paul Foster Case (before our computer graphic age) recommended only working with colors in natural light or with an artificial light that generates a full spectrum natural white light.

In any case, for the computer enthusiasts, it is highly recommended that you also paint your own Tarot keys, Tree of Life and other symbols used for meditation. The act of painting prints the symbolism deeply into your consciousness. And observing your own painted symbols in natural light has undeniably wonderful effects.