She Who Is On Her Path
From Songs of Goddess, Robert Frost, ©Moonboat Music, BMI 2000

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This song was written for my then finance, Sushila, who was trained as an Indian temple dancer. Sushila means, "She who is on her path".

She Who is on Her Path

Half wild child of the stars and the night, riding upon the wind,
Never free of her destiny: Bringing divine love to men.
Shiva set his symbol in view: Threefold flame on her face.
Goddess blessed with so many gifts, too:
Power, beauty and Her grace

Many have tried to tame her wanting to tie her down.
Angry and hurt they blame her when she’s no longer around.
Many have seen her greatness. Her powers are vast but untamed.
Some in their way have led her astray. Still must she earn her name

She’s riding the wind our spirits intend. Chorus
She’s showing it’s blowing back home.
She has the heart. She has the need.
Her work it calls to bring us together. Align with our destiny.
And if she finds the harmony she has the means, she’ll have the key.

Half wild child of the stars and the night. Her power is still untamed.
Running headlong into trouble’s how she learns what is right.
Sometimes burned by her own flame.
Such a strong wave as she runs. Others are carried along.
It will be ok when she learns her own way, when she learns to sing her true song.

Born a child wild in India. Loving it’s clear her path.
Love is her dance, her quest, her freedom.
She who is on her path.
Look within for guidance. Goddess is strong in your heart.
Align yourself with the Oneness of life. You have greater work to start.