This song is the true life story of a powerful spiritual aspirant and what she experienced upon separating from her husband.

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Live Wire

Her high tension line broke and fell on the ground.
It's sparking and bouncing, dancing all around.
Just being around her, it turns up the juice.
Some people talk faster. Some need no excuse.

She is a live wire
She's on fire, sparking and flashing about.
The flames they rise higher
A bonfire - Who'd guess she's really devout?
She is a high flier.
She aspires, burning to know the One.
Her heartfelt desire, to fly higher,
Soaring to reach the sun.

When she was married she could keep her calm.
Marital relations an effective balm.
Now that she's left him. She is coming out.
Libido arising carries quite a clout.


A hot red glow is casting dark shadows,
Her fire grows higher and higher.
Just why, they don't know. They're attracted to the show.
They want to be near to the fire.

She doesn't know what to do with herself.
She can't contain it. She can't stay on the shelf.
There's too much potential to keep it all in.
Wherever she goes, their heads and hearts spin.