Flashing Lights
From Songs of Goddess by Robert Frost, ©Moonboat Music, BMI 2000

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Flashing Lights - A Qabalistic song written around the gematria of God the Father and the mysteries of Goddess. The three verses are composed with the rhymes of the Greek mystery mantra I-Ah-O, reflected again in the last three lines of the song. Chaiah is the life-force, the root of the five senses, the gift of the cosmic Father principle. Shekinah is the radiance around the arc of the covenant, the halo around the head of the illuminated. She is the spark of the divine in all things. The legend says that when giving birth to the universe and all things, Goddess experienced the pain of separation from her babies that all mothers feel at birth. Out of her infinite compassion and love, she left Heaven and sent a part of Herself (the Shekinah) to be in and with each of her children, guiding them home through countless incarnations to at last remember their inherent reality and return home to their heavenly state.

Flashing Lights

Flashing lights the tones play to a rainbow melody.
You are not the actor. You’re a stage.
The Lord of Life and his Lady dance every move in you.
Let them guide you and you’re free.

At the head of Mercy, Wisdom eye to eye with Glory.
Looking on the One how He must shine.
Rejoicing, he meditates us. All life joined by His desire.
Chaiah is thy Father, Divine Life.

So severe yet nuturing, the Mother of all born,
Holy One who twists light into form.
After confusing all of us, with faith She comes to guide us back home.
Sing Her name, Shikinah, Divine Soul.

Shekinah lift my lights, set them turning.
Lift the heavy sorrow from my heart.
Establish me in thee.
Help me daily live in awe.
Thy wonders everywhere, everywhere I go.