A Story of Love


Oh, let us sing a story of love.
Open our hearts. Share what we’re of.
Feel the truth of what I sing.
Open our hearts. Let love come in.

They’re for our growth, life’s endless storms.
You cannot die for you were never born.
Raise up your voice. Sing what is true.
There’s enough love for me and you.


Oh, Lord your form is female, too.
This form the West needs to come to.
If I can help to sing your song,
This messenger to you belongs.

Life up your veil. Isis it’s you
That I am here longing to view.
Thank you for all you’ve brought me to.
It’s not enough I still want you.


And when I die, I’ll find a way
To lead me through that endless day.
I want to come back. My work’s not through
On earth to live and love all of you.


Oh let us sing to Goddess above and all about us.
Let us sing a story of our love.