Songs of Goddess

This is a project that is very dear to my heart. Here are sixteen songs about the female aspect of God; the universal Goddess, Mother Earth - and about evoking the Divine Beloved in our female partners.
I photographed this mosaic of Mary on a back street in Rome. ->

This is my Mama ->

I photographed the Williansdorf Venus in the national museum in Copenhagen. She was found in Austria and is 25,000 years old!

To hear an excerpt from "Sweet Lady of the Universe", click here.

Be patient (~15 seconds - 1 minute) while any of these sound files download and then automatically play.
AOL doesn't seem to play the files at all. The complete lyrics for each song are included. The excerpts that are sung are in bold lettering.

An excerpt from "She Who Is On Her Path"
An excerpt from "Autumn Sunset"
An excerpt from "She Can Be"
An excerpt from "A Story of Love"
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