Lyrics to my first CD,

Love Your Woman Tenderly

1. Gypsy Girl
10. Indian Flower
2. Mi Gran Amigo
11. Love is Like a Growing Vine
3. Lover of Light
12. Chilean Nights
4. New Light
13. Happy Blues
5. Little Darling
14. Love Your Woman Tenderly
7. Dare to Care
15. Bring Home Your Inner Wife
7. Dare to Care
16. The Goddess She Can Be
8. Celtic Instrumental
17. ¡Ay!, Que Linda
9. The Truth of Our Loving
18. Sparrow Hawk in the Night
1. Gypsy Girl
I dreamed that I was this dark and lovely gypsy girl and, as her, went to sleep and had a dream. In this dream I saw a vision of the man with whom I would have babies. It was wonderful to feel the exciting possibility of motherhood so bodily. As her I had the adventures described in this song. As I (she) crossed the river and waved good-bye to Mama, I was crying with sadness to leave my home and happiness to begin the quest to find my man. I then awoke in my bed with her bright smile upon my face, the sides of my face and my pillow wet with her tears. As I settled back into being Robert again, I realized that my female side is also searching to unite with me, like I with her.

Gypsy Girl far from home
Gypsy Girl all alone
With a vision of your man to give you strength to cross the land
Searching for the one who you will know
You know you’ll love him so.

A full and fertile young girl am I
Pleasing and easy on the eye
For all the world a gypsy girl.
I’m just looking for my man.
I’ll find him. I know I can.

Gypsy Girl far from home
Gypsy Girl all alone
With a vision of your man to give you strength to cross the land
Searching for the one who you will know
You know you’ll love him so.

Morning light upon your path
With the river as your bath.
In your folded carpet suitcase
Your gallon jug you carry
Your mother sees you dressed in your soulful homemade hand-lace
For a few moments do you tarry.

It was early this morning I awoke, Mama,
With a vision of my man before my eye.
David is his name mother. I know there will be no other
To fill my life as my man.
This he only can.

Then go my child and seek your fate.
I’ll miss you so but you should not be late.
Your man may be just across the river.
Though you may seek for a thousand sunsets
Let not time mar your vision.
May Mara guide you on your way.

Instrumental Chorus

I, a woman, and so fine
Ever this vision will be mine.
I don’t need a chart to look within your heart.
I’m looking for the man in my dream
For the gypsy is the woman in me.

Gypsy Girl far from home
Gypsy Girl all alone
With a vision of your man to give you strength to cross the land
Searching for the one who you will know
You know you have to go.

2. Mi Gran Amigo
I gathered most of these lyrics from love letters I received in 1994 from the first woman I loved in Spain. Thank you, Yolanda, wherever you are.

Eres me gran amigo. Quiero estar contigo.
Aunque estemos separados, te siento conmigo.

Hermano, amigo, amado, cariño, Chorus
Mi corazón está abierto para ti.
Estoy aquí para todo lo que necesites.
Tienes mi amor, mi corazón y mi amistad.

¡Ojalá que estuvieras aquí en mis brazos!
¡Ojalá que te tuviera aquí a mi lado!


Deseo que en tu vida todo sea luz, amor y dicha.
Que te amo y nada me prohibirá decirte esto, mi vida.

Cuando vivo, necesito, sentir calor de tu pecho.
¡Como palpitará mi corazón cuando estés a mi lado!

Chorus, Chorus

English Translation: My Great Friend
You are my great friend. I want to be with you.
Although we are separated, I feel you with me.
Brother, friend, lover, tender one, Chorus
My heart is open for you.
I am here for all that you need.
You have my love, my heart and my friendship.
Oh, if only you were here in my arms!
Oh, if only I could have you here at my side.
I want that in your life all will be light, love and happiness.
How I love you and nothing can prevent me from telling you this, my life.
While I live I need to feel the warmth of your breast.
How my heart will beat when you are here at my side!
Chorus, Chorus

3. Lover of Light
Inspired in my early university years by a woman’s dance to a piece of driftwood, I wrote this song before I even tried (without much success) to get to know her. Sometimes it is very important to follow the inspiration into song before the reality intervenes to change the scene.

Walking down along the midnight sand,
Now we are together hand in hand.
The moonlight on the water
Reflects thy love to me.

Singing her the words so soft and clear,
Hoping in her heart that she would hear,
Wondrous line on life’s design
Together are our souls to find
Oh, to reveal the real.

Laughing love I long to learn thy light.
Bring to me thy eyes to give me sight.
Lovely lady lean to me.
Tell me what thy eyes can see.

There’s a line of life that I have seen
In your hands, your dance, your swirling dream.
Lovely lady, lover mine,
Seek your soul our love to find
Oh, make us whole.
Make us one.

Walking down along the midnight sand,
Now we are together hand in hand.
The moonlight on the water
Reflects thy love to me.

Now my arms surround you, hold you tight,
Learning, laughing, loving through this night.
Lovely lady, lover one,
Seek for me your soul undone
Oh, to share the dawn,
Lover of light.

4. New Light
I composed this song while taking an independent study with Judith Stravinsky, Pulitzer prize winner in musical criticism. She had directed me to learn some Bach pieces on the guitar and to listen carefully to Schubert’s Trout Quintet. In the mood of these great works, I plucked the first two two-note chords of this song, listened and knew that they musically went somewhere. The feeling I had was like that of looking down into a deep cave. I followed, nearly obsessed for several weeks. I would awake with the next variation playing in my dreams, take up my guitar from its place beside the bed and figure out how to play what I had just heard. After the song had taken form, I attempted to notate it but it wouldn’t fit into my measures. I then discovered that this dirge mostly has alternating measures of 7/8 and 8/8 rhythm.
The final variation of this song emerges from the dirge into the major mode. It is a statement of hopefulness for the ideal love. The final line would have been the perfect title of this CD were it not so long: "...wanting life for you more than I want you for me".

The image of a woman, the forms of many girls.
Though I'm not walking lonely, I'm searching all the world.

Look back on all the pain, the sorrow and the rain,
And see how these experiences have deepened your love
And kindled a flame you'll share forever from your heart.

Then kiss your past thank you and good-bye.
Look up and see your love bright in another's eye.

Look in to see your love shining in me.
And I'm shining too. I like the view.
Your smile upon me. Eyes of clear water blue
Meet my brown-eyed seas and they like the view.

A dream of love is born for me and you.
The nurturing growth we've still to do.

You are standing here with the daylight in your hands
And I'm hoping that you're calling for I want to be your man.
I see your face in sunlight. I hear you warm sweet call.
You remind me of the morning bringing new light to us all.

And I'm hoping I can love you well enough to be free;
To be wanting life for you more than I want you for me.

5. Little Darling
A tender and sweet love song composed for my first love.

Little darling, I love you so.
Little darling, don’t you ever go.
My woman, little darling only one I know.
Woman, don’t you hide. Woman, you’re my other side.
Little darling I love you so.

I’ve been trying to tell you
All my heart is yours and more.
I don’t want another woman.
You’re all I want a woman for.

Let that light shine upon us.
Can you love me? Yes you can.
Climb the heights with me woman.
Now you know that I’m your man.

Little darling I love you so.
Little darling don’t you ever go.
My woman, little darling only one I know.
Woman, don’t you hide. Woman, stay by my side.
Little darling I love you so. Follow.

6. Standing in the Tub
A true adventure from 303 Mission Street in Santa Cruz, California where my old iron bathtub stood upon eagle’s legs with the talons clasping spheres. In this song, I composed one whole verse with no mention of a woman until the last line. When audiences are not listening, I play this song and always get an enthusiastic reaction, i.e. "Do you hear what he is singing?!"

Standing in the tub, the water’s too hot.
Add a little cold now ’til it’s not.
Watching all the bubbles floating in the tub.
Scrub myself clean now, rub-a-dub-a-dub.

Standing in the tub, the water’s too hot.
Add a little cold now ’til it’s not.
Washing in the bath and getting mighty clean,
Knowing by my true love soon I will be seen.

Relaxing in the bath and thinking of my love.
I had a little laugh ’cause she’s the one I’m thinking of.
My tub stands up on four legs. It’s a soulful tub to see.
It all seems so easy when I’m so warm and toasty.
Standing in the tub, the water’s too hot
Add a little cold now ’til it’s not.
Thinking of my lady with the sunlight in her hair.
Soon as I am clean you know with her I will be there.

7. Dare to Care
Written for Liz, the sister of my tall university friend Ben. It was my wish that she would dare to care and allow her heart to open. Last I knew she was married and had kids so I guess she did.

Dare to care for somebody. It will hurt but it is worth it.
Watch and learn from the hurts you give and you take.
Share your soul with someone.
Touch them with your love and they’ll live within, a friend all of your life.

How can you be lonely with your friends deep inside?
The worthy ones you’ll carry through the night to the light.
In lonely times you’ll find them brightening your nights
And you’ll know you’re not alone with friends inside.

Instrumental Bridge

Dare to care for somebody. It will hurt but it is worth it.
Watch and learn from the hurts you give and you take.
Share your soul with someone.
Touch them with your love and they’ll live within a friend all of your life.

Robert-vocals, guitar, 12-string guitar
Mike-hand drums, shaker, djembé
Dianne-french horn
Tobias-viola d’amor
Kelvin-electric guitar, fretless bass

8. Celtic Instrumental
This was inspired by the same old Celtic melody that can be heard echoing in "Puff the Magic Dragon", "A Little Help from my Friends", and many other fine modern tunes. After playing this for him, Tim Hart once played the original melody for me, to my great delight.

9. The Truth of our Loving

I knew Tim and Benta Hart when I lived in London. After listening to several albums of his group (Steeleye Span) for several hours, this song emerged from me, inspired by my then fiancee, Sushila.

A poem for to tell how I’m feeling now
A swirling in the stream of our loving
Yes, the dance is good. Yes, dance on I would.
Within beyond the dance what’s there I’m wondering.

The look within your eyes, how much am I surmising?
Oft I try to ask when words they are arising.
And though you would me answer in truth no story merely,
We simply don’t yet know. In time we’ll see more clearly.

And if the truth be told we are not long together.
So how are we to know of how or when or whether?
You’re reaching for me now. How will it be the morrow?
At last will you find joy or once more be in sorrow?

As long as we are true to how we’re feeling
Whatever time will do to our loving.
Yes, a fire needs wood. Yes, it’s understood.
Akin, we’ll stand to live the truth of our loving.

10. Indian Flower
In honor of the half-Norwegian, half-Mexican Indian flower who taught my mother and me to make chile relleños and enchiladas with the recipe and technique her Sonoran grandmother taught to her. These often are a delicious reminder of her. Whenever I am sad or broken hearted, empty and cold within, I stuff my jalapeños with cheese, whip the egg whites to make the relleños light, fry them and cover them with a rich sauce of tomatoes, red onions and garlic, eat them with a delightful mixture of pleasure and pain, sweat, get a wet nose and scorch my innards. Instead of empty and cold, I go to sleep feeling warm and glowing within. Thank you, Denise.

Priceless lady, light upon my eye,
I’ve looked and I’ve waited. I’m wanting you still.
A window we mated. Come if you will.

Indian flower, skin of honey golden, Chorus
Take care with the power of love your heart is holding.

Instrumental Bridge

Our first kiss in the treetop
Brought you closer to me.
We climb the pine forever
Laughing wild and free..

Indian flower, skin of honey golden, Chorus
Take care with the power of love your heart is holding.

Instrumental Chorus

11. Love Is Like a Growing Vine
Celeste got so under my skin that I felt her within me, looking out from my eyes and animating my face with her expression. She could blow a kiss to me from across the room that would literally make my knees buckle and my heart race. Our times together (1971) were rare, treasured and for me quite transforming.

Sitting and writing for you this song, you smiled through my smile.
O lady I've wanted you long, so long. Stay with me for awhile.

Love is like a growing vine in bloom when the season is right. Chorus
Love 'tis the season and there is no reason for leaving tonight.

I wrote on the night our first kisses were shared
how my toes they were curled.
My touch felt so much beyond all I'd dared.
O your lips, my mind whirled.


Light bright our love fires. Burn away all that's between us. Bridge
Show our light to each other.
Entwining our lives like vines intergrown,
I find you inside even when I'm alone,
Once again sharing loves sweet overflow,
Once again daring our two hearts to grow.

These words, a man, all I am I stand before you. I to you.
Now you know. Now it's told. I'll want you even when I am old.

Chorus, Bridge, Chorus

12. Chilean Nights
The exciting and true adventure of my learning to dance Salsa and Meringue with the magnificent Chilean dancer, Lucy in 1994. My father visited and, after observing us dancing, remarked that he had never seen another human with so much vital energy. She held me firmly and shook those foreign rhythms through me until I was infected with them and could do them without thinking. Frankly, it was both frightening and wonderful. After living in Switzerland for 14 years, I had become like those who speak German: philosophical, logical, clear-thinking, analytical and rather devoid of heart feeling. Through learning to speak Spanish, teaching in Spain, getting to know Latin culture and the people, learning and composing songs in Spanish, and especially through learning Latin dances, my emotional life has experienced a great re-awakening. I can again feel a surge of love-at-first-glance like I did when in my twenties. I can get vitally excited and passionately involved with important issues. I can dedicate my energies to worthy projects and actually do them. I am grateful indeed to that Chilean woman who shook the rhythms through me and set me free.

Saw her out on the dance floor. She was
Dancing all by herself.
She didn't need anything more. She was
in the rhythm moving with stealth.
Fascinated I watched awhile.
She was pure elegance.
Her magic began to me beguile.
Her motions called. I asked her to dance.
She tried to take me in the rhythm.
It was foreign to me.
Moved her to moves that I knew. She
wasn't impressed but she liked me.

She came with me to the next disco.
It was nearly midnight.
Others watched how I danced. When she left
No one wanted to dance with me.
I took some classes in Latin dance.
Learned some figures and moves.
Practiced for the night when we'd dance.
Every Monday I did improve.
She didn't make false compliments.
But she waited 'til when
I could dance a little better
Before she told me how bad I'd been.

Summer night up on the roof
Dancing to salsa sounds.
First time my feet knew the rhythm
Even after turning around.
Shook the rhythms through me she did,
Set me free and untamed.
Sent a surge of power through me.
Life will never be the same.
When she turns her gaze upon me. Oh yeah,
When I look in her eye
There's a fire burning. It takes me
Flying up into the sky.

13. Happy Blues
The Blues are usually so sad. In contrast to tradition, here are three 12-bar blues variations that are very happy.

14. Love your Woman Tenderly

The next three songs began as one and kept multiplying. In early 1996, I showed my old song starts from the seventies to Dr. Trautlind Schärr, my feminist mentor and dearest friend. She read them and advised me to work upon and develop one in particular. As I did, it grew to epic proportions. I first divided "Love Your Woman Tenderly" from the rest as the most exoteric song for everyman. It describes the first lesson of the Goddess to men, "When you are with a woman, there are two people there; not just you (and your desires)". This song is especially directed to the men who have been married for many years and have forgotten how much they love their wives. It describes much of the foolish behavior men exhibit with women and then, in the last two verses, offers new hope and some better possibilities. It is explicit, even anatomical, but quite accurate. Many men feel a bit uncomfortable hearing it, like being caught with their pants down. When I sang it for my mother, I only got as far as the first verse. Singing of a woman opening up her legs to a man was already beyond her limits. I made some audio cassettes without this song for her to distribute to the family. But I believe it to be very important for men to hear of the dark side of their behavior with women. Unless you are confronted with and thereby become aware of your foolish behaviors, there is no chance for positive changes to occur. So, sorry Mom, this one has to stay on my CD.

A man will sing the blues until he fancies someone new.
Candles and wine he’s dressing up so fine, for awhile.
When she says, "Yes" and opens up her heart, her arms, her legs to him.
Does he rob her treasure or even take thought to give her pleasure?

Hmm, I wonder why Oh oh, I wonder why Chorus
We treat her like we do?
Love your woman tenderly. She’s the one who sets you free.
Though you have thought love’s a thing of the past,
Learn to love your lady. Kiss her on the face.
Ban the thought that love can never last
And be grateful for her this time at last

A man will do most anything to have the woman of his dreams.
Get with her and build a life together.
When she then consents to your plan and accepts you as her man,
How well then, I ask you, do you treat her?
How well then, how well do you treat her?

Many flowery words have men spoken Bridge
In courting times of dreams that could come true.
The chase is so exciting. (Questing beast) woman so inviting.
We lose our heads. Just want her in bed.
When desire is high and the feeling is fine,
High praise and poetry pour out like wine.
But do we keep the promises we made so we’d get laid?
Or do we try to hold her as our slave, our household servant?

He may even caress for the favour of your tenderness.
When hungry for delight he’ll act real nice, for awhile.
In fantasy he loves her perfection. In reality he seeks protection,
Somewhere to put his erection.
Give her his sticky confection.


Ambivalence is a painful tear. When she’s not here we wish her near.
When she gets too close we wish she’d go away.
Not too far, on her feet. Cook us something nice to eat.
Listen while we tell her of our day
and watch some stupid TV ’fore we sleep. Hey!


Why did you settle for much less than your dreams of tenderness?
Do you believe it was all just a lie?
Open possibilities. You could still be happy.
If you want to, you could try.
You could be happy ’til you die.


Does a hunger still in your heart burn? Do you for the beloved yearn?
What was it so you wanted long ago?
Look long in wonder in her eyes. You might get a big surprise.
The one you sought within your loving dear.
Find her and you’ll be happy all your years.

Bridge , Chorus

15. Bring Home Your Inner Wife
A somewhat technical song about the second message of the Goddess to men: Stop projecting your inner woman onto the women in your life. Retrieve your inner partner and get to know your own female side as a part of your own self. And then leave women free to be who they may be.

Most men don’t think they’re great. They work hard to demonstrate
A lie that even they do not believe.
Should a woman love you and decide with you to stay, you think
Do you really love me? Can this be true? I don’t know.
But if you do there’s something wrong with you.

Most men think it's a tale that they are half female.
Of their other no idea do they have.
They project their inner female on the woman who attracts
Then try to make her act exactly so. She’s not you know.
And call this delusion falling in love.

Men, bring home your inner wife. Get to know your inner life. Chorus
Leave women free to be who they may be.
And though they'll then surprise you with such things you least expect
The mystery will spark your fantasy. Amazing is she.
You'll not be bored. Give her space to be.

Seeing his woman-side projected on his bride,
He falls for a woman he doesn’t know.
When he finally sees she is not his fantasy,
The chance to see "Who is she"? begins but unfortunately,
That is usually when the man gives up and leaves.

When you give her away there’s no way that she can stay.
Your other half’s not out there she’s within, for goodness sake!
Half of you is from Mama even though your body’s male.
When projected on a woman, you confuse her with yourself.
This kind of falling is Narcissus’ big mistake.

Men, bring home your inner wife. Get to know your inner life. Chorus
Leave women free to be who they may be.
And though they'll then surprise you with such things you least expect
The mystery will spark your fantasy. Amazing is she.
You'll not be bored. Give her space to be.

16. The Goddess She Can Be
This, the last of the above trilogy, describes the spiritual union that becomes possible when the two lessons of the Goddess are consistently kept in mind and practiced. Habits and cultural pressures are so strong that a man must remain ever vigilant not to fall back into degrading and repressive thought and behavior toward women. The man who does continue to remember and live these two lessons achieves a harmonious relationship with his own inner female side and honors the women is his life. Then a higher level of personal loving becomes possible. For this higher loving to be realized, both the man and the woman must put aside all personality differences and worship the primal male and female principles in one another. Looking through her eyes to the great female principle that is within her, he may evoke into reality that which every woman is potentially. Through such transforming loving, he (and she) may experience high bliss and union with God-Goddess-All That Is.
This indeed is far more fulfilling than the usual goal of union, namely, pleasurable involuntary muscular contractions. This phrase was used lovingly by my great teacher, the Rev. Ann Davies, to wean us from addiction to brief physical pleasure and guide us to spiritual loving which, when successful, brings exaltation, ecstasy and joy far beyond such involuntary muscular contractions. Shortly before her passing over, she said, "Although it is really not yet time to teach this, I need to do so while I am still here". Then she taught us the esoteric philosophy of love and marriage. A brief description of this is in the Zohar, a Jewish esoteric book. Therein it is described that through worshipful, prolonged union with his wife, she is transformed into the Goddess, the female aspect of God. Then through her, the husband may be blessed and receive the Holy Spirit, the "water after which you’ll never thirst".

She contains a mystery that awakens when you see Chorus
The Goddess within, there behind her eyes.
She can bring you holy water after which you'll never thirst.
Look beyond her personality. Help her be the Goddess she can be

The highest love goes far beyond unintentional contractions.
If you want this bliss, unite in stillness.
Call the Goddess to you through your partner oh so dear. She is right here.
When you see what she is potentially, she becomes Goddess in reality.

Put aside the daily strife and look deeper within your wife.
So loving invokes sacred mysteries.
Through her the spirit holy will bless you with majesty and be with thee.
See the Goddess in all of Her grace right here in your dear beloved's face.

Yes, it is quite rare in these times to love so well. Bridge
Clash of personalities can make life seem like hell.
You’re loving for the world. It’s not just for you two.
So put aside your differences. Let Goddess come on through.
And know you help the world with your love.


Instead of seeking with your cup you could be totally filled up.
Your need will be for those who can receive.
Open your eyes and heart, man. With every sense you can indeed perceive
The holiness, her face aglow with grace.
Deeply worship as you kiss her on the face.

Blessed is the man indeed who so loves his lady freed.
He has heaven right here on the earth.
Their love will be a healing light radiating through the night,
planting light seeds.
A blessing for the whole community, loving your lady exquisitely.

Bridge, Chorus

17. ¡Ay! Que Linda

Written in the summer of 1995, this is a lament and celebration of the dear Spanish love who still stirs my heart so. Free of the mental preoccupations that so obsess the German-speaking folk where I live, her clear values, her powerful emotional life and her deeply caring heart have reignited my own values and vitality. She remains a torch in the night for me. I miss her indeed. You will hear more songs for her in Spanish on another CD in the (I hope) near future.

El verano aquí solo
Yo sé, no puedes visitarme.
Yo añoro tus abrazos
Con fuego. No puedo olvidarte.

No sé porque estoy
Tan enamorado.
Alguna otra, !No!
Te quiero solo. Es un lío.

Instrumental Chorus

¡Ay! Que linda, tu sonrisa Chorus
Hacia un lado de tu boca.
¡Ay! Que placer y con que intensidad
Gozo nuestro amor con que calor.

Fiesta con amigos,
Nadar y el sol,
Por que necesito yo
bailar latino salsa ritmo.

Instrumental Chorus

Lleno de recuerdos,
Amor verdadero.
Tu presensia anhelo yo.
Es para siempre. Nunca te olvido.


English translation:
Oh, How Pretty.
Summer here alone. I know you can’t visit me.
I long for your fiery embraces. I can’t forget you.
I don’t know why so much in love.
There are others. No! I love only you. It is a great confusion.
Oh, how pretty your smile to one side of your mouth. Chorus
Oh, what pleasure and with what intensity.
I deeply enjoy our love with such heat.
Party with friends, swimming and sun,
for I need latin dance with salsa rhythm.
Full of memories of true love.
I long for your presence. It is forever. I will never forget you.

18. Sparrow Hawk in the Night
The sparrow hawk is the smallest true falcon. Also known as the American kestrel, this falcon can remain motionless in the air. Her "killy-killy-killy" cry was heard in the Big Sur twilight by firelight. There in about 1971 with Celeste who also inspired "Love is Like a Growing Vine", I began composing this love song, sweet and dear. Back in Santa Cruz, walking home late after visiting Celeste in her High Street attic, I felt her presence through and through me as if we were not separated at all. Inspired, I took off my boot, sat on the curb, put my paper upon the sole, and wrote verses you will hear in this song. The phrase, "I am your brother" refers not to blood relation but rather to the cosmic sense of connection, even shared beingness, that high love brings.

Sparrow Hawk in the night, sitting by firelight,
Stillness by mountain stream, love is all that it seems.
And now with my heart filled full to overflowing,
Your tears on my chest. My search is at rest.

A sleepy attic window beckons me far below.
I look up hopefully to see if you’re home.
Hoping your heart is one I can know,
Springtime with you I’ll not be alone.

Coming into a love deeper than I’ve ever seen,
Eyes are slowly closing now to fly the sleepy skys.
Lady as you drift off from me now to sleep
May your dreams be as beautiful as you are in my eyes.

Touch a heart and find it mine. In love a heart’s a golden mine.
To love this is the perfect time. A rhyming verse, a winding line.
I drink of thy love, sweet wine. I’m feeling to love you fine.
When will I see you standing by me? Your eyes shining in mine
In the sunshine I feel fine. I feel fine.

Writing rhythms in the street walking back to my home,
I feel you inside. I am not alone.
So rich and good are we for each other.
My teacher of love, I am your brother.

Miles lie and seas between. Time it’s been since you I’ve seen.
Still you are the perfect dream to guide me through my nights.
Dancing on the horizon of my mind,
Smiling to me, illusive and free.

Sparrow Hawk in the night, sitting by firelight,
Stillness by mountain stream, love is all that it seems
And now with my heart filled full to overflowing
O thou who are I, I give thee all I am.
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